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Creative Workshops


Creative Workshops are spaces in which the participants learn and develop artistic skills. All activities focus on developing creative thinking. 


1. Explore and Express


  • Participants have the opportunity to explore new ideas as well as express who they are and what they like.  

  • Class size is small in order for participants to receive individual attention and improve their techniques according to age and skill

  • Each month concludes with a gallery exhibition 

2. Sharing Time


  • Time to share ideas and experiences 

  • Time to talk and learn about art

  • Time to share their favorite story books that can inspire them 

  • Time to fuel the emerging Artists!

3. An Artist I Am


  • Learning basic art mediums such as acrylic, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, etc. 

  • Develop observation skills to create and demonstrate their own creativity through a variety of ways such as painting, sculptures, and drawing. 

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