Lina grew up in Medellin,  Her native Colombian culture influences the vibrant colors she uses in her artwork. She has been painting for over 30 years and has studied various types of artform from oil to sculptures. she receive  personal art classes  from Mariano Rico and Patricia Delgado ( who have Master's Degrees in Liberal Arts at the University of Pamplona Spain), Georgett Miller ( England Cambridge1999), and Tian Wang Chinese Painting ( Souzhou, China 2013) in their private  art studios . 


Lina has a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Administration and ATT Art Studio at The Gavilan College California. Her love for the diversity of cultures and  art history  motivated her to travel to several exotic places and be inspired in her art work. Durign her time in Cambridge she studied Creative Thinking at Anglia Polytechnic University.


Combining and experimenting with many styles of abstract painting, Lina's artwork is unique for its intricate themes and colorful scenes. Each painting encompasses a different mini story about life and nature.


Beatriz Milihazi ( Brazil) and Frida Kalho ( Mexico) are her favorites painters and her inspiration. Lina is also very proud to be from the same land as the irreplaceable and inimitable artist, Fernando Botero. 

Lina Velasquez 

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