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About Lina

Lina grew up in Medellin, Colombia - her home country is the inspiration for the vibrant colors she uses in her painting. Lina has been painting for over 30 years and has studied various types of art form from oil to sculptures. She received  personal art classes from Mariano Rico and Patricia Delgado in Colombia, Georgett Miller in the UK, and Tian Wang in China in their private  art studios . 


Lina has a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Administration and Associate's Degree in Art Studio from Gavilan College. Her love of cultures and art history motivated her to travel to various places around the world from Morocco to Japan that continue to inspire her art work. 


Combining and experimenting with many styles of abstract painting, Lina's artwork is unique for its intricate themes and colorful scenes. Each painting encompasses a different mini story about life and nature.

For the past 10 years, Lina has been involved in community development projects in the City of Morgan Hill. Projects ranged from painting utility boxes and murals to pop-parks to beautify the city and provide safe places for kids to play. Lina dedicates a lot of her time to kid's art classes in low-income communities, bilingual charter schools, and through after school programs most recently at Voices College-Bound Language Academy. For the past 3 years, Lina spearheaded and led the Morgan Hill Youth Art Exhibition in which 40-50 works of art by the youth of Morgan Hill are exhibited. 


Beatriz Milihazi (Brazil) and Frida Kalho (Mexico) are her favorite painters and her inspiration. Lina is also very proud to be from the same land as the irreplaceable and inimitable artist, Fernando Botero. 

Lina Velasquez 

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